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Posted by A Mum 15 yrs ago
Any have any experience to share with this group of kindergartens? My older son now goes to Woodlands and they are really great, but I'd like my younger son to learn some Chinese.


Tulip2007 15 yrs ago
I am British, my husband Chinese. We put our two sons in Victoria from pre-nursery right through to Primary. For us it was the perfect solution and our sons are now fully fluent in Cantonese, English & Learning Mandarin. At ages 11 and 9 we moved them to Canadian Int'l School which still has a pretty good Mandarin program so they will also be fluent in Mandarin as well. Victoria achieves a good balance between International and Local curriculum although I have to admit to be frustrated by the amount of homework in Primary school but know that this was nothing compared to local schools. Kindergarden is absolutely perfect and the teachers, equipment, curriculum is very good I believe and would rather that than international environment. I also agree that not many of kids mingled after school but it is still a solid foundation for the kids and puts them in good stead to enter either international or local school later on. I have now put my 3 year old into Victoria South HOrizons and he loves it there... was the best strategy for us to get both English & Chinese languages and cultures

A Mum 15 yrs ago
Did you send your children to the English/Cantonese or English/Mandarin?

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