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POSTED BY Burgundy (12 yrs ago)
The yellow powder is a sulphur derivative, or a mixture of sulphur and napthalene. Asians firmly believe it works. Herpetologists will tell you that it doesn't. Try a cat or a pet mongoose.

At the risk of stating the obvious, do wear a proper face mask if you decide to throw sulphur powder around.


oldhand (12 yrs ago) mean you let your supper escape?

I'd stay well well clear and find the number for your local snake man, most villages have one.

dimac4 (12 yrs ago)
Have come across a few long black tires since living in HK - I actually got chased by one in my garden when I startled it (I got more of a shock!) It then proceeded to leave the garden over the 3 metre high brick wall! We have had lots of small snakes which we were able to catch - but I would leave the big ones to the professionals. Just run away from them - they can wind themselves around anything you poke at them and come up and bite you if they are angry.

Have had a dog for the past 3 years and haven't had a problem since.

tick tock (12 yrs ago)
Not had too much to do with snakes here in HK, but after 10 years in Singapore where a 5ft cobra is considered small!!!! No joke!

The best advise is if you see one just leave it alone. The problem is when you dont see them!!!! but on the whole once they know you are around they will get out the way pretty quick

Re the sulphur, pls note that this stuff really burns if you touch it so if you have pets or children you have to be very very careful. For your info, I once saw a very large cobra just glide straight through the stuff.

Dogs do seem to keep them away, I was told that snakes dont like the smell!? After we got a dog we never saw any again...but our neighbour did!

roger52 (12 yrs ago)
Agree with tick tock, the snake is likely to be surprised as at the sound of tour approaching will make it hide away unless it is a King Cobra.As a reptile it is usually sunning tself to get energy to start its day.Leave it alone and it will leave you alone

Burgundy (12 yrs ago)
Cats can scare a cobra ok - remember, cobras can only strike downwards, but cats can spring upwards. However, they don't usually fight to the death as they know it's 50/50 and not worth it; but (after some spectacular face-saving action) they go their separate ways. But if the dogs make that not an option, your only options are a pet mongoose (true cobras don't like the smell of their urine; but kings and most other HK snakes don't care - they evolved in different places, so have no instinctive aversion); or you can put glue boards all round your garden after cutting any overhanging trees; and - most impoortantly - get rid of whatever is attracting snakes' prey into your garden (a damp area with frogs, or a compost heap with mice?).

PS. Although it sounds like yours was a common cobra rather than a king, do not believe anything you read about kings moving away when they see you. On two occasions I have been pursued (not chased, but purposefully followed) by kings and I can tell you it's not a lot of fun.

gmbl (12 yrs ago)
I bought last month that yellow powder but did not put it yet. I also heard that you need to burn it a little ?

LostnShanghai (12 yrs ago)
Ok.... where in HK do you guys live? I'd like to know so I know where not to move to.

Burgundy (12 yrs ago)

Except for the really urban areas, you can find them pretty well anywhere. I've see even seen a Chinese cobra in MidLevels - less than fifty paces from those luxurious HK$30mn Sun Hung Kai apartments on Po Shan Road!

agreen (12 yrs ago)
ok-la in the above situation, I would have turned and ran as fast as I could.

But, what to do if you're cornered by a snake? Also, can they enter your apartment? I live on the ground floor of an apartment and am quite worried by this prospect. Also, is it true that a flashlight will scare them away if you meet one at night?

balu1_hk (12 yrs ago)
Best thing to do, as far as I know, to make sure snakes dont come is to burn dry chili. They cant stand the strong smell. Also put some chili plants around the garden (even if not as strong as the burnt one, it is still effective).

Getting rid of insects as much as possible will also reduce chances of snakes coming for dinner.

lambada (12 yrs ago)
In Oz when I bush walk I try to make a bit of noise and stamp the ground a bit as I'm told they feel the vibrations. If you see a snake leave it alone. They generally try to avoid you. If you see a snake inside get expert help. Most people who get bitten are trying to handle or kill them. Not just cats bring them home. My kids in Oz brought a dead Brown snake home that they found.

Hecules (7 yrs ago)
I caught a small King Cobra this evening. It was a baby, 3 foot long, and it slipped through the gap under the front door (courtesy of the local cowboy builder). My dog chased its tail, driving it to ground under the furniture. Clearly doga are no deterrant. I caught it put it in a box and released it back into a nearby woodand area. I hope they don't have a homing instinct as it might be bigger the next time it comes calling.

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