Knee Degeneration Could Be A Hidden Cause For Low Back Pain

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Back pain is a common health issue. When it happens, most patients don’t immediately associate it with other potential problems of the body. But the thing is, our body operates as a whole. One damaged area could lead to the problem of another. And low back pain caused by a diseased knee is a common example.


Knock-on Effect on the Body

Degenerative arthritis is commonly seen in elderlies. There is a misconception that degenerative knee joints only affect the mobility of the legs. While it is true, it could also produce a knock-on effect on the other parts of the body if no proper care is taken.

When knee joint degeneration takes place, patients will re-adjust their walking gait and posture subconsciously to minimise the pain and discomfort. As a result, the weight of the whole body would be shifted to another part. That’s the reason why patients with knee degeneration often experience low back pain. In order to make accurate diagnosis, it is crucially important for doctors to view all problems from a comprehensive perspective.


The Right Diagnosis Method Makes the Difference

X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are mostly used for diagnosing degenerative knees. For patients with an advanced stage of arthritis, X-ray is enough to observe the wear-and-tear condition of the knee’s cartilage. But for patients who are at the early stage, MRI might be a more appropriate choice because MRI can help detect early stage of arthritis.

The damage of a cartilage is irreversible. At the beginning, anti-inflammation medicines, painkillers, hydraulic acid injection can be used to sooth the pain and discomfort. But when the disease gets to a later stage, knee replacement surgery should be considered.

People who are in their middle age or with high exercise intensity are at a higher risk of developing degenerative knees. Patients should improve their lifestyle habits and engage in exercises that are suitable to their own bodies, so as to slow down the rate of knee degeneration.

Dr. Sha Wai Leung

Orthopaedics Specialist at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road

Adventist Medical Center

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