UK Government Backed Investment, Social Housing Regular Income Stream

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At Avora Capital we offer you security, diversification, and market leading rental returns from Buy to Let property without the day-to-day hassle of being a landlord.


The strategy of our portfolio is very simple, investor funds are used to purchase a wide range of income producing property assets in multiple sectors throughout the UK. The income generated from these assets is then distributed amongst investors giving you high returns per year paid quarterly.


We focus on properties that already deliver high rental income with long leases offering consistent income and strong chance of capital growth. You can benefit from the support of a Proven Management Team with over 100 years combined experience of the UK property market.


Our Portfolio specialises in purchasing high yielding property for below market value prices. There are no construction delays or complicated planning requirements waiting to be authorised. Just simple investment in high yielding BMV properties delivering consistent returns from a diversified portfolio.


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