Relocating abroad? Don't make these costly mistakes!

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Congratulations on your adventurous leap overseas! But before you jet off into the sunset, there's one final thing to check off of your list: All those unexpected expenses that come with moving abroad. Don't worry — we've got you covered and will guide through it all!

A temporary place to stay

Having friends or family who can put you up for a few nights helps immensely but if that isn't an option, hotels are pricey and hostels may not be ideal (especially after long flights). The saving grace? Airbnb has got your back.


Renting a place isn't just about having the cash to cover your monthly payments. There are hidden costs like security deposits and cleaning fees that can take you by surprise - not to mention those pesky utility bills! And if renting in an area where landlords require extra insurance coverage? Or maybe even guarantor fees? Well, then prepare yourself for some hefty extras added on top of it all...


Sure, there are plenty of public transportation options and ride-sharing apps out there, but when it comes to lugging large items around or taking care of errands quickly - nothing beats getting behind the wheel yourself! Just be prepared for some additional costs along with your rental fee, insurance premiums plus regular gas fill ups.


With shots to get, fees and complicated port charges - traveling internationally is an obstacle course. And if that weren't enough, they must endure extended quarantine periods at their destination- it could really put a strain on both you and your pet.


From housing and work to schooling and childcare concerns - not even mentioning the financial worries that come with it. And if you have young children? Yeah, then better start saving up for a nanny too!


Before you ship your life overseas, be aware of the dangers! If pricey traps lurk around every corner, opt for a cheaper option: furniture from fellow expats. Skip opening that piggy bank and get settled in fast with some second-hand goods – it'll save everyone involved tons of money.

Flying back home

Even though it's usually worth the cost, traveling to visit family can be a wallet-buster - especially if they're spread out across the country. And don't even get us started on those last minute visits for weddings and funerals!

Money transfer

Starting fresh in a new country? Don't get bogged down by the hassle and cost of transferring money! Let Instarem give you a hand. With 60+ countries on board, they make international transfers fast, easy and wallet-friendly.

Download the apporsign up on the weband see how easy it is to send money with Instarem.

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