The 4 Best Mountain Bike Tracks In Hong Kong

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Mountain biking Hong Kong Lantau Island


An Expat Guide to Mountain Biking in HK


Most expats are unaware of this, but there is more to Hong Kong than the bars and restaurants of Soho, Wanchai, Happy Valley and Stanley. 40% of HK is designated as country parks.


And then there are the 263 islands that comprise the territory of Hong Kong including Lantau, Lamma, Peng Chau, Cheung Chau and Tai O.


Country parks are great, as are remote islands, but when it comes to mountain bike paradise there is one obvious ingredient that is necessary – mountains. Fortunately, Hong Kong has plenty of mountains too, including Tai Mo Shan (957m), Ma On Shan (702m), Lantau Peak (934m), Sunset Peak (869m), The Hunch Backs (674m), Lin Fa Shan (766m), Nei Lak Shan (751m), and Victoria Peak (552m).


Now the final piece to this puzzle, which is buying a mountain bike in Hong Kong.


You can go the new route and buy a mountain bicycle from the many shops in HK that sell a wide range of brands including Cannondale, Specialized, Yeti, Marin, Santa Cruz, GT Bikes, Trek, Diamond Back, Merida, Ibis, Pivot and Giant.


These shops can also kit you out with mountain bike accessories including gloves, helmets, and protective gear that would make Robocop envious.  If you bust your bike on a rugged downhill run, mountain bike parts, including rims and pedals are readily available at the shops listed.


Or you can change gears and pick up a sweet deal by keeping an eye on the Expat Classifieds Mountain Bike section. I bought a two-year old, Merida Big 9 a couple of years ago for HKD5000. That sucker would easily sell for close to 25k if purchased new in HK.


One bike shop owner in Hong Kong mentioned to me that some cashed up locals and expats buy top of the line mountain and road bikes every couple of years and that many of them are hardly what you would refer to as ‘hard core.’ They unload perfectly good, lightly used bikes onto the classifieds for a song. I bet these are the same people who must have the latest model Porsche.


Anyway, even though you know how to go about getting a mountain bike in HK, you are thinking of excuses not to start riding because it might be too hard, or you don’t know where to go and how to get there.


Remember when you were a kid and Wimbledon tennis would be on the TV? You’d sit their glued to the screen watching the men’s and women’s finals. Then, if you were like me, you’d get your kid brother or sister, or one of your mates, and you’d jump on your bicycles, head for the public tennis courts and re-enact the Wimbledon final.


I will try to rekindle that childhood enthusiasm by laying out the 4 best mountain bike trails in Hong Kong.


Tai Lam Country Park Mountain Bike Tracks


This park has a huge network of trails and is great for anyone from a beginner right up to the advanced rider. If you are new to the sport, then take a spin around the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir Loop. For advanced riders and those that seek the adrenaline of fast downhill rides, try the section that hurtles down Tai Mo Shan, or take a rip across Ho Pui Trail.


For more details of this ride, check out the Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association’s page for information and how to get to Tai Lam Country Park.


Mountain biking HK Tai Lam Country Park


Lamma Island Mountain Bike Trails


Jump the ferry from Central and pull into the Lamma Island Pier. From there you will find some of HK’s most challenging single-track rides with treacherous, rocky downhill sections. These tracks are for advanced riders.


When you finish up, Lamma island has a wide range of excellent restaurants so park your bike, pull up a table, and stay for lunch.


For more details of this ride, check out the Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association’s page for information and how to get to the many trails on Lamma Island.



Sai Kung Peninsula Mountain Bike Tracks


Spectacular views unfortunately go hand in hand with brutal mountain climbs. Be prepared to shift your bike to low gear when you hit the Pak Tam Chung Trail and head up towards the heavens. The view at the top is worth the effort – trust me! For beginners, stick to Sai Kung West Country Park. The tracks are far gentler.


For an overview of the track options in Sai Kung and how to get to them, visit the HKMBA site for this district of Hong Kong.


Dragon’s Back Mountain Bike Trail


This is another track that is more suited to experienced riders and those who are on for a bit of a climb. You start with an uphill ride, but things flatten out as you reach the ridge. Enjoy the incredible views of Shek O beach and peninsula while you can, because the descent is steep and involves steps in some areas making concentration on the track a must. Shek O has Hong Kong’s best beaches with clean water that is devoid of plastic. After you finish your bike ride, refresh with an ocean swim then hit the public shower facility before heading home.


The HK Mountain Bike Association has full info on the Dragon’s Back track.


Have I inspired you?

If you have any questions about the mountain bike scene for expats in Hong Kong, visit the Ask an Expat Forum. 

The author, Paul Luciw, is the Founder and Managing Director of AsiaXPAT. 

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