French Private Tutor for Toddlers

Tai Hang, Hong Kong
We have two daughters, 1.5 & 2.5 year-old. The older one is attending a French nursery school currently while the younger one is also joining a playgroup twice a week at the same school. While we are not asking for an academic goal nor have a plan sending them to France, the goal is certainly to provide them more French exposures as well as motivate them to speak and interested in French learning, especially for the older one who has been in the nursery for almost 9 months now. The school teacher told us she could understand the instruction in French but was hesitated to speak in school. At home, my wife and I speak to the kids in Mandarin and English respectively. While I learnt French before, none of the family members speaks French. (although learning the language is a family project as well) If this is something also interests you, we would like to discuss with you in more details.