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Wednesday, 10/1/2014

Internet & Cable Contracts

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Netvigator Internet+ NOW TV 12 months

District Sheung Wan
Posted 9/30/2014
Contact: 98532136
ID: aea5a345-d4da-4e43-89f1-0e176f9df4fd

Netvigator Internet expires 15 october 2015.
NOW TV + Movie channels and CNN

Monthly charges: 379HKD

I will pay for transfer costs + 2 months for free!!

I need to know before tomorrow (Oct 1), so please call on 98532136!

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HKBN 1000Mb/s 9 months contract (first 1.5 months free)

District North Point
Posted 9/30/2014
Contact: 62575896
ID: 019f1965-9c92-4cb1-93a6-b25ee43af570

Hi there,
I'm moving out of NP to NT where there is no HKBN coverage so i have to transfer my current one out. There are 9 months left and the first 1.5 months free of charge. 
The contract ends at July 2015 so it's perfect for those who do not wanna lock in 2 years. 
Primary Access Plan 1000M + HKBN Wi-Fi Plan: $198HKD/month
bbTV Selective Entertainment Plus Plan; 55HKD/months, which includes basic channels like Discovery and bloomberg also some movie channels
Let me know if you are interested, text me 62575896

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PCCW NowTV and Netvigator

District Quarry Bay
Posted 9/29/2014
Contact: 62292836 - Alvin
ID: 058087f7-ac82-415c-8dbf-d95a7dc42e17

Leaving HK by mid-October 2014. Need to transfer the following...
1. Netvigator Internet Contract expiring on 15th March 2016 (HKD319/month)
2. NowTV Cable Contract (HKD281/month)
      Expiring 15th October 2014
         - FX, Fox News, Fox Crime, Universal Channel
      Expiring 15th October 2015
         - Fox Channel 515, NBA Combo, CNN Combo, Fox Movies Pack
         - HBO Max Pack, HBO on Demand, HBO Go
      Expiring 15th April 2016
         - GMA TV, GMA Life TV
I am willing to pay for all the transfer fees.

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HKBN Internet (100Mbps) Contract Transfer

District North Point
Posted 9/26/2014
Contact: 52166581
ID: 55a2b124-781f-426b-ada6-c747b465489d

I am looking to transfer my 100Mbps broadband contract with HKBN.
My contract expires by 30 Aug 2015 which is perfect for those who don't want to lock into a 2 year contract.
Monthly fee is HKD168 which transferee is responsible for just as if they started their own account as well as the Installation Charge of HKD400.
Both charges would be borne by a new customer in any case.
I will pay the "Change Name" fee for the account.
I can initiate the transfer immediately once HKBN confirms coverage to the new address. ping me at 52166581.

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Netvigator 500MB Fiber Internet + now TV ~ 10 Months

District Happy Valley
Posted 9/26/2014
Contact: +852 6697 8364
ID: b19615b7-d515-40ad-a96c-36f4f503105c

Plan: 500M Fiber-to-the-Home (http://www.netvigator.com
Price: 398HKD (200HKD a month cheaper than a new contract, you will save HKD 2000)
From: 01/Nov/2014 to 03/Sep/2015 (10 months)
How: I'll transfer my contract to your name and you just pay monthly to PCCW.
You also get free:
1 Now TV box with some free channels.
1 wireless router D-Link AC1000 (http://us.dlink.com/products/connect

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Transfer of Broadband Service

District Pokfulam
Posted 9/24/2014
Contact: blyu
ID: 3392514e-bc84-4d3e-8305-ab8a0390b4d4

We are looking to transfer our broadband contract with PCCW. 
Our contract expires Dec 2015 which is perfect for those who don't want to lock into a 2 year contract.
Monthly fee is HKD298 which transferee is responsible for just as if they started their own account as well as the Installation Charge of HKD980. Both charges would be borne by a new customer in any case. 
We will pay the "Change Name" fee for the account 
Ping me at 6142 6173 if interested. I rarely check my email on this site. 

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Broadband Internet + free Now TV (9 months contract)

District Lantau Island
Posted 9/24/2014
Contact: Mat
ID: 11138b77-2c4b-4be5-8813-6e1152246e76

I am leaving Hong Kong and have my contract for broadband internet running till July 2015. I am happy to pass it on to anyone who might need internet and free now tv channels for a short period (9 months). So you are not stuck with a 2 or 3 year contract.
monthly subscription: 286 HKD (that s all you need to pay)
I will cover the costs of transfer and change of name (around 1'000 HKD).
nb: for those not familiar with it, this is perfectly legal and even suggested by netvigator/nowtv hotline. 
Pleas reply quickly as I am leaving in 2 days 

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discounted Internet & TV subscription for 1 year

District Wanchai
Posted 9/23/2014
Contact: 93274272
ID: fe7615ba-a0ad-4a28-b437-c1598a45eb92

Hi, I'm leaving HK and I have 12 months of PCCW broadbad internet & TV contract at HKD 331 per month that I'm willing to pass on at a discounted price.
Pls What's App me if you're interested.

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I-cable contract incl. German Bundesliga and Championsleague

District Wanchai
Posted 9/18/2014
Contact: Marc
ID: 3bda5883-3b48-47cf-b1e8-016ada9a3f01

Dear all
I am leaving Hong Kong in October and have a existing I-cable contract which includes German Bundesliga, Championsleague and news channels like BBC, CNN etc.
Monthly contract fee is HK$ 379.00
Contract is still valid until April 2016.
I am able to transfer the contract immediately and of course can hand over the receiver at the same time. Coordination of the installation can be arranged as well.

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