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Monday, 9/1/2014

Internet & Cable Contracts

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Barclays Premier League - take over 1 year NOW contract

District Quarry Bay
Posted 8/30/2014
Contact: WhatsApp 6877 0623
ID: a7b70913-4987-4576-b336-8bfa2e3073b7

Due to our upcoming move, we have 1 year remaining on our Barclays Premier League (Super Sports Pack) contract: 1 Oct 2014 to 15 Oct 2015.
Great opportunity for you if you're only here for a year, or don't want to lock in to the typical 2 year contract. 
We'll pay the subscription transfer fee, provide 1/2 month free service, and your cost will be $288 per month.  
If interested, please WhatsApp 6877 0623.

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For sale

District Midlevels West
Posted 8/30/2014
Contact: For sale
ID: a8170a31-258d-4f9e-8f99-abf4ed30cf0b

SMALL ELEGANT BUT VERY POWERFUL.   Only 6 cm square in size.   $140.00
Message me here with your phone number if you are interested.

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District Midlevels West
Posted 8/30/2014
ID: 97b27d61-eb01-4346-817f-1f4f4bed2ce1

WE have an Internet contract expiring on 18 December 2014.

You can take over the rest of our contract. The SERVICE PROVIDER is i-cable.

Your building must be wi-fi ready.  YOu pay $600 for the use of our contract until December.
There is a hefty charge on the equipment therefore we would require that you let us return the equipment when this contract expires otherwise when we vacate our service apartment and sign a new contract with i-cable, we would be blacklisted.  Whatsapp me if u r interested 9200-3209.

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PCCW 1Gb contract transfer

District Pokfulam
Posted 8/30/2014
Contact: Whatsapp Laurent 64902695
ID: 6f38abdc-ed9c-4a06-a0bb-993dbadc723d

Leaving my flat I cannot transfer my 1Gb line.
Looking to transfer to someone.
Monthly cost, 558HKD
1Gb fiber.
Transfer cost to my charge 200HKD.
No installation fees.
Will take care of the transfer. 
 Whatsapp Laurent 64902695

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PCCW + NOW TV package

District Sheung Wan
Posted 8/29/2014
Contact: Karen 9302 3753
ID: b166ea44-5d88-4cce-909d-989fa62bc515

Looking to sell my internet and cable package as am leaving HK!
PCCW internet package + NOW TV (standard package)
super fast connection 100MB broadband service
contract ends 9/12/2015 (15 months left)
Flexible transfer date
$256 per month
Transfer fee $200 (I will pay half of this)
Please contact Karen 9302 3753 if your interested!

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Jadoo for sale

District New Territories
Posted 8/21/2014
Contact: Msg Here
ID: 996c9add-4c5c-411c-b1e3-0bfa9e92dbac

Im selling this jadoo box which just needs a RJ-45 Internet Cable to work with movies and channels streaming from the internet. Our internet is not really compatible with the box so we are selling it.
Original price is 1700, we will give it out for 1500 as its really new and everything is given as it was to us.
Pls msg me here and we can arrange a place for transaction.

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Phone Contract - transfer

District Midlevels West
Posted 8/21/2014
Contact: 6051-1461
ID: 5cb8c021-d607-4b88-9b52-5a0f9501d555

I have phone contract from CSL (1010) that ends on 12/4/2015.  Let me know if anyone is interested in taking this over.
Plan details:
$329/month (including all fees)
5000 min
1GB Data
10 international SMS
100 IDD mins
360 iNews
I will pay you $2500hkd to take over the contract which would put the per month fee at $172hkd/month.
Here is the link to the current plan at $317/month (plus $12 MTR fee).

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Wifi router + cable

District Wanchai
Posted 8/18/2014
Contact: What's app please 54154274
ID: db0a39df-79eb-46a2-aeee-6eb24f2ba730

Wi fi router brand new!
Box never opened
400 hkd instead 650
TP-Link N750
Model no. TL-WDR4300
Cable and cheque and guaranty !!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's app 54154274
Pick up wan chai or by any mtr

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