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Wednesday, 10/22/2014

Internet & Cable Contracts

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WANTED - looking to take over HKBN internet contract

District Quarry Bay
Posted 10/20/2014
Contact: Kristina
ID: 3617fff4-272a-46d3-b3e0-6f9156990017

I am looking to take over someone's internet contract (just internet no TV and other extras) starting with 1st November 2014 for at least 4 months max. 9 months. I prefer HKBN as they have the fastest speed.
If you are moving out of HK and have a HKBN contract to sell please whatsapp via 95592421.

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PCCW broadband

District Kowloon
Posted 10/18/2014
Contact: Cindy @ 92363362 (WhatsApp)
ID: aef9e101-fb94-49cb-b8dc-89941fdd42a3

Hi, we are moving out of HK, and our PCCW broadband need to transfer to others.
It is 300Mb Fiber Modem + NOW TY + HD HBO movie channels (HBO HD, HBO Signature, HBO Hits
HBO Family...).
It cost HK$306 per month. It is a discounted prince for loyal customer because we used PCCW for many years.
This contact will end in Feb 2016 and has a chance for free moving.
Must go by next Friday, 24 Oct. 
If interested, call or WhatsApp @92363362

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cheap PCCW/CSL mobile voice plan - 6 months

District Kowloon
Posted 10/18/2014
Contact: Steven 60890875
ID: 9f89fba4-520e-4f9c-b19a-8512f495235f

I have a cheap PCCW/CSL $38 pure voice plan that offers 1000 mins that has 6 months left til 10 May 2015.
dirt cheap plan to go if you want a cheap voice plan with a permanent mobile phone no. please get in touch with me if you are interested. 

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Phone number Transfer

District Kowloon
Posted 10/17/2014
Contact: 92805786
ID: cba8dd47-2b56-4cba-bce4-79be3bd348bf

 I have two numbers one not in use
its from pccw ( NOW CSL). contract period till 2015
monthly plan HK$198 per month with unlimited basic minutes and 2Gb data usage.

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pccw mobile number $311 monthly with 20gb data plan.. (4G)

District New Territories
Posted 10/11/2014
Contact: 61537301
ID: 0090e644-f735-429d-a7b2-9379655187aa

 : 4G voice and data cervice plan
= UNLIMITTED ~ voice call
=UNLIMITED SMS ( intra network )
=mobile data  20 GB 
contract untill 2015 ...
im leaving in hongkong and 
im looking for someone who will continue the contract and transfer it to your name... 
i will pay 1 month bill for my previous usesage ....(  but you pay $ 100 for the transfering fee  ...
if thats fine please meet me in Tsing Yi mtr station ... thank you so much
looking forward to hear from you .. have a good day !  

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pccw mobile number unwanted

District New Territories
Posted 10/11/2014
Contact: 63865562 frankie
ID: 06cd102a-c57b-407b-b0df-b36e4792083e

hi every one .i have a pccw mobile number which is not in use i will like to transfer it to your name if you are intrested .monthly plan is around 250 per month .with unlimited basic minutes and 5Gb data .contract is to expire in 2016 if any one intrested plz call me or whatsapp me on 63865562.my name is frankie i will pay all transfer fee .thanks

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pccw number unwanted

District New Territories
Posted 10/11/2014
Contact: 63865562 frankie
ID: f5925337-2cf2-4dd6-8a64-c5022aee981d

hi i have two numbers with pccw .but one is not in use .the contract period is till 2016
monthly plan around 250 per month .with unlimited basic minutes and 5Gb data usage .can transfer to your name .with all fees i will pay

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PCCW broadband needed

District Happy Valley
Posted 10/9/2014
Contact: Anthony
ID: f580cad4-8a14-415b-81dc-99d493a970cb

I'll be moving to Happy valley and need internet for possibly less than 24 months so would prefer to go with a contract transfer.

It looks like I can only get PCCW. 

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I-cable package including German Bundesliga

District Wanchai
Posted 10/8/2014
Contact: Marc Elwert
ID: b5b78910-6c61-4fa3-bb0f-11d783bbc60b

Hello everybody,
I am leaving Hong Kong and have a existing I-cable contract until April 2016 which includes German Bundesliga and the UEFA Championsleague games. Besides that news channels like CNN, BBC ect.
I could transfer my contract immediately.
Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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