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Sunday, 11/23/2014

Seeking Investors/Partners

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Reputable Day Spa Seeking Partner

District Midlevels Central
Posted 11/14/2014
Contact: Message

We are a reputable organic day spa looking for a third partner to expand our business. As current partners have young families, we are looking for someone who can be physically committed to oversee the operation.

More details can be provided should you be interested. Only serious party will be entertained. Please message us with a brief description of your profile, experience and why you are interested.

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Zeal for Life Wellness Drink

District Jardines Lookout
Posted 10/28/2014
Contact: Tracy Holzberlein

Our companyis expanding global. I am seeking individuals who are wanting to start their own business and I am seeking investors who want to add this product to their line of business. We are nowopen for businessin Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Australia,Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Canada and the USA. Beginning November 1, 2014, we will be open for business in Germany. Wepromote a wellnessdrinkthat is all natural, gluten free, and has over 120 super foods in it.It is simple to take. Add water or juice, shake it and take it once per day. This product can be sold retailin your stores. It can be promoted by marketing from your home and helping others begin their own business. It is available and in demand. If you or your company is interested in being on the ground floor in your country please enroll at http://www.letszeal.com/ as soon as possible. You can have the product shipped directly to customers from your own onlinestore or you can order directlyand have it shipped to your location. I am searching for leaders to expand my global business in Hong Kong and Singapore. We are also opening this quarter for business in the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland and Austria. Now isthe time to invest. Enroll your business or yourself now and be eligible for lifetime founders commission.

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Looking for investors for existing project

District New Territories
Posted 10/21/2014
Contact: Vladimir Kogutenko

We are 3PL company providing the services for storage and wide range of value added services such as pick and pack, shrink-wrapping, labelling, promotional packing, packaging and repacking, carton numbering and marking. May provide other reasonable services based on the customer’s requests and our warehouse abilities.

We operate ~22700 sq. ft. for one floor, and ~25800 sq. ft. for another one.

First floor is renovated, has an office facilities for 12 working sits and can accommodate about 2500 of standard US-size pallets.

Another floor in an ambient temperature storage, and with installed racking is capable to accommodate for up to 3000 of standard US-size pallets.

Warehouse is using cargo lifts for gate in /gate out operations.
Timed thru-output benchmark is about 600 to 700 pallets per day (working hours) per floor. Storage temperature is plus 18 degree Celsius for one floor and ambient temperature for another one.

Warehouse is certified by HKQAA for commercial wine storage.
he floor with ambient temperature has enough power capacity (800 Amps) to be renovated for cold storage. We have a project and contractor to do that for temperature of up to -25 degree Celsius.

Both floors have a ceiling hight of 6.2 m but slightly different in area.
The rate of usable area to rented area is very high and it is about 90% if compare to other similar compartments that have in average 60-70%.

Currently we offer storage and services for following groups of items:
1 Food & Beverage
2 Commercial Wine
3 Cosmetics
4 Electronic parts
5 Pharmaceutical products
6 Home appliances and so on
7 Any other similar kinds of goods

If you have an interest and require more information please call me +852 6349 5945

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Business Development Lead Representative

District Midlevels Central
Posted 10/6/2014
Contact: 94648193

We are looking for a high-calibre Business Development
Lead Representative to proactively and systematically pursue new partners and business
opportunities in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Hong
Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and China.
Job Descriptions
continuously for new clients through a variety of techniques.
-Analyzing local
market to identify market opportunities, prospective companies and associated
-Represent the company in a positive and professional manner.
-Work with all personnel and outside
contacts to satisfy partners and
clients, and achieve company
-Identify areas of improvement in the
company and assist in creating and implementing solutions
-Identify and investigate growth
opportunities for the company.
-Stay abreast of industry matters
through third-party resources and
new partners/customers and traction in your assigned area – including activity
breakdowns, performance milestones, resource requirements
-Proficient spoken
and written English and Chinese (spoken Cantonese andMandarin).
-Experience in working with senior
management to align sales strategies and solutions is essential.
-Corporate- or business-focused environment.
-Excellent skills in sales, relationship building and negotiation, with proven track record of successfully
pitching for new businesses
-Strong entrepreneurial spirit,
committed and responsible
-Team player
while disciplined to work independently
You’re the boss here and your sales performance
will decide your remuneration package. This job nature is entirely
commission based.

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USA Website Seeks Strategic Partner

District Other
Posted 9/29/2014
Contact: Van Walker

USA Website Seeks Strategic Partner
I am the owner of a popular USA website for active investors that specialize in trading options on American stock exchanges.
Our site is about 4 years old and is a community built around a very active live chatroom that features audio/video and realtime information pertinent to making timely trading decisions. Our site has grown every year and continues to grow. We are healthy and moving forward!
The potential to make big money with a small investment is the primary allure of stock options. Recently some of our members were able to turn a few hundred US dollars into over $10,000 OVERNIGHT by purchasing GOOGLE calls at the right time.
There are hundreds of traders in our chatroom every day with skill levels ranging from complete novice to professionals trading for their livelihood. The amount of knowledge and education available at our site is staggering because of the quality members that comprise our community.
I want to begin marketing this website to Asia, specifically Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and China. I need somebody on this side of the pond to help me achieve this.
So, I am looking for someone that would partner with me and that I would make part owner of the Asian version of our website and any/all revenues generated from the Asian version of our website. Depending on the quality of the person and performance of the person I am thinking minimum 20% ownership and maximum 40%, perpetual and forever. You would receive a monthly wire based on your percentage of ownership and operating expenses, perpetually.
Things that need to happen:
1. Website translated into Chinese.
2. Educational tutorials created that help Asian investors understand investing in USA stock options. Since USA stock options are a foreign concept to most Asian investors, we would need to create materials that educate them from A-Z to make them feel empowered.
3. Pointing interested Asian investors to friendly brokerages that allow USA stock option trading. If you have relationships within the brokerage community that is a huge PLUS. I would love to partner with only one or two Asian brokerages that understand the USA stock options trading and will be friendly and helpful to any/all new business we direct their way.
4. Helping establish payment portals for Asian investors that desire to become members of our site. We currently use PayPal only. The monthly fee to be a member on our USA site is anywhere from $100-450USD.
5. Ensuring that any/all legal work to collect money and operate legally and ethically in Asia is completed.
6. Setting up marketing campaigns, both online and otherwise.
7. [OPTIONAL BUT PREFERABLE] Organizing promotional and education events at strategic hotels to attract investors.
8. I'm sure there are other things we would need to do as we move forward! The nice thing is that we already have a successful, proven approach. We just need to tweak that and open the doors for Asia.
The strategic partner I am looking for should:
1. Be proficient in communicating in English, both written and spoken. This is an absolute MUST. Poor or broken English is a deal-breaker.
2. Have at least intermediate investing experience. Understand the mind of an investor, especially short-term speculative investing.
3. Have at least a basic, working knowledge of USA stock options.
4. Have some marketing experience and vision for how to grow a membership website in Asia.
5. Be passionate, confident, and determine in your heart that by partnering with me is the way you are going to become a millionaire and achieve ALL your financial goals.
Even if you are weak in one of the areas except #1, as long as you know someone that is an expert in that area and would help it is OK. Sometimes it is not WHAT you know it is WHO you know.
Contact me and let's talk. I'll share the website address with you privately and we can go from there. I'm in town for a couple weeks before I head back to USA so perhaps we can have a face-to-face meeting. I hope that you are THE ONE! :-)
NOTE: These are NOT binary options. These are options based on securities like GOOG, AAPL, MSFT, etc, etc, etc.

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UK Export Business Seeking Business Partners Across Asia

District Other
Posted 9/25/2014
Contact: 447917525271

We are a UK based export business with a wide range of high quality UK and
European goods to bring to the Asian Market. We are seeking business partners / retailers / ecommerce professionals across Asia to work with us to grow mutually beneficial trade.

We can supply beautiful UK and Euro products such as, Tableware, Home wares, Designer UK and European Fabrics by the roll and Baby Goods.

Please contact us for more information in the 1st instance.

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Do you want to make money as well as save money?

District Kowloon
Posted 9/8/2014
Contact: Business Opportunity

Do you want to make money as well as save money?

We are looking for serious, motivated business partners to join our team to earn global income.

You are invited to our business opportunity presentation if you:

- want to earn additional side income with a few hours per week
- or you’d like to generate some serious cash while you don't need to quit your current job
- or you’re looking for a brand new career and want to build a business that will produce income for years to come.

We offers you the global business opportunity of a passive income for life. There is unlimited potential to build a successful business part-time or full-time. You just need a very small initial capital to start.

To find out more, please register for the Business Opportunity Presentation this week. It’s free to attend, and it could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

1) Nov 4 (Tue) 7:15pm
3) Nov 5 (Wed) 7:15pm
Location: The Gateway, Tsim Sha Tsui

We also invite any entrepreneurial individual who owns a small or mediums sized company to find out more how you can increase sales, improve customer loyalty, encourage the return of old customers, and attract new customers.

Presentation time:
Nov 6 (Wed), 7:15pm

For registration, please leave you name, email address, phone number, time slot of the presentation, either English or Cantonese session you want to attend. We will send you details for confirmation.

If you can't attend any of these presentation, leave me name , email and phone number, we will keep you informed of the future presentations.

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Investors/Partners wanted

District Other
Posted 8/27/2014
Contact: mpschk93@gmail.com

Investors/Partners forgrowing sports company

Well established sports and events company that has been servicing
private clubs in Hong Kong for more than 17 years is looking for
investors/partners to grow business to next level.

The business currently operates and has continued relationships with
clubs in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories areas.

The business derives its income from:
-Private and group coaching lessons for all ages (adults
and children) and abilities, in a wide range of sports including tennis,
swimming, personal training, general fitness (boot camps and active kids
programs), basketball, cricket, soccer and touch rugby.

-Organising holiday sports camps, sports events (e.g.
swimming galas and tennis tournaments), corporate events and sports themed
birthday parties.

- Corporate fitness training.

Future income streams anddevelopment

The owner has identified new growth opportunities to expand this
business, and is confident of achieving future success with the right

Business Investment/Partner SuitableFor

Who will want this opportunity????

Seeking a person with with a passion for sport and good people skills
(coach/PE teacher etc), or an existing sports business wishing to expand.

Key Strengths

It is a low cost operation with a simple and flexible business model that
allows the owner to take advantage of various sports related opportunities in
the Hong Kong market (e.g. opening of new international school campuses) as
well as enabling the business administration to be managed from a home office.
Predictable work hours provide flexibility to the owner because a team
of locally based coaches carries out a large percentage of the work that
doesn’t always require your presence.

Reason for investmentopportunity

The current owner has being in the sports business for 25 years and
wishes to pursue other business opportunities.

Please contact me for more information about this business. Only
serious interested parties need apply.

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Business partner / investor for retail business(Nathan road)

District Kowloon
Posted 8/26/2014
Contact: 90960079

Business partner / investor for retail business in golden area.

I am seeking either an investor or business partner for anretail business based in Hong Kong. (nathan road, Mong Kok)

Currently, we are working in tile contruction business but we wants to change. We are looking for new idea and business to use this retail shop (with toilet.) Cafe or coffee shop is also good idea and many China vistors walking near the street.

Please respond by message in the first instance

or whatsapp to 90960079 for further discussion.



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