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Tuesday, 9/23/2014

Seeking Investors/Partners

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Ambitious entrepreneurs required

District Midlevels Central
Posted 9/22/2014
Contact: 98098
ID: 8396f182-8571-448e-a7a4-7dad205ceebb

Are you...
Are you sick of being left behind? Are you keen to enter into a new market from the ground floor, be on the cutting edge of a new product/ service?
Is this right for you?  
This is an absolutely unique business opportunity which is open to serious, motivated individuals who are keen to take their future into their own hands. 
Company background: 
Our company aims to become a conglomerate within the businesses arena, encompassing entertainment and tourism in emerging Asia.
Our team has well over 40 years of expertise within the industry, and strong political and business connections.   
Key strengths:
- High cashflow business
- Already profitable, so the lower risks than a brand new project
- High demand for our product and service
- Established client base
- Already raised significant amount of funds
- Major connections  

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Do you want to make money as well as save money?

District Kowloon
Posted 9/8/2014
Contact: Business Opportunity
ID: c1199342-0912-4685-b3d0-cbdc9adc1a9b

Do you want to make money as well as save money?

We are looking for serious, motivated business partners to join our team to earn global income.

You are invited to our business opportunity presentation if you:

- want to earn additional side income with a few hours per week
- or you’d like to generate some serious cash while you don't need to quit your current job
- or you’re looking for a brand new career and want to build a business that will produce income for years to come.

We offers you the global business opportunity of a passive income for life. There is unlimited potential to build a successful business part-time or full-time. You just need a very small initial capital to start.

To find out more, please register for the Business Opportunity Presentation this week. It’s free to attend, and it could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

1) Sept 15, 7:15pm
2) Sept 22, 7:15pm
3) Sept 24, 3:45pm/ 7:15pm
4) Sept 25, 12:45pm
Location: The Gateway, Tsim Sha Tsui

We also invite any entrepreneurial individual who owns a small or mediums sized company to find out more how you can increase sales, improve customer loyalty, encourage the return of old customers, and attract new customers.

Presentation time:
Sept 17/ Sept 24, 7:15pm

For registration, please leave you name, email address, phone number, time slot of the presentation, either English or Cantonese session you want to attend. We will send you details for confirmation.

If you can't attend any of these presentation, leave me name , email and phone number, we will keep you informed of the future presentations.

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Investors/Partners wanted

District Other
Posted 8/27/2014
Contact: mpschk93@gmail.com
ID: 593a2771-fd21-459b-812c-e0e57fa558b2

Investors/Partners for growing sports company

Well established sports and events company that has been servicing
private clubs in Hong Kong for more than 17 years is looking for
investors/partners to grow business to next level.

The business currently operates and has continued relationships with
clubs in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories areas.

The business derives its income from:
·Private and group coaching lessons for all ages (adults
and children) and abilities, in a wide range of sports including tennis,
swimming, personal training, general fitness (boot camps and active kids
programs), basketball, cricket, soccer and touch rugby.

·Organising holiday sports camps, sports events (e.g.
swimming galas and tennis tournaments), corporate events and sports themed
birthday parties.
- Corporate fitness training.

Future income streams and development

The owner has identified new growth opportunities to expand this
business, and is confident of achieving future success with the right

Business Investment/Partner Suitable For

Who will want this opportunity????

Seeking a person with with a passion for sport and good people skills
(coach/PE teacher etc), or an existing sports business wishing to expand.

Key Strengths

It is a low cost operation with a simple and flexible business model that
allows the owner to take advantage of various sports related opportunities in
the Hong Kong market (e.g. opening of new international school campuses) as
well as enabling the business administration to be managed from a home office.
Predictable work hours provide flexibility to the owner because a team
of locally based coaches carries out a large percentage of the work that
doesn’t always require your presence.

Reason for investment opportunity
The current owner has being in the sports business for 25 years and
wishes to pursue other business opportunities.

Please contact me for more information about this business. Only
serious interested parties need apply.

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Attention Entrepreneurs! Partners/investors wanted.

District Kowloon
Posted 8/13/2014
Contact: 98620929
ID: a2c85ce0-0831-4432-afcf-22420fe9a579

Have you ever walked into a luxury designer mall and wished that YOU owned it? 

What if you could own your own Virtual Designer Mall selling the hottest luxury designer goods and jewelry that HOLLYWOOD celebrities wears?
Sound like a DREAM come true?
It is!!  FERI FASHION HOUSE is the luxury designer of choice for over hundreds of celebrities in Hollywood and around the world for their day to day use as well as their red carpet appearances.
YOU now have the opportunity to
Message me NOW to learn more about this once in a lifetime opportunity.
We provides: personalized website, shopping cart with merchant credit card processing, Look Books, Visa card, promotion materials, trainings.
Looking for serious partners!
website: feriprecious (videos of fashion shows, clips from TIFF Toronto international film fashion show, and more)
Enter--> see the shopping website.
email me

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Business partner / investor for Netherlands invented fast food vending venture

District South Side
Posted 8/4/2014
ID: 847af1d9-21c6-4c2d-af83-569d2bd23c19

FAST FOOD VENDING - made in Holland

This product has been developed and registered by our company in the Netherlands and was sold to a leading European snack manufacturer, who is using it as a successful selling tool for their locally produced snacks. We have now developed a new product primarily to serve the much larger fast food markets in Asia for snacks made to our delicious recipes, as well as popular local snacks.

Real food, not a picture, is clearly visible, but can only be touched after manual selection and payment, while serving over 1400 customers per hour at the correct temperatures from a 5m wide serving area, requiring only three staff, this includes cooking, deep frying, payment and refill! Use coins, cards, or similar.

Our vending equipment and delicious, healthy, quality controlled snacks have a great potential in countries such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Singapore, South America, Australia and everywhere that large numbers of consumers must be served under conditions where quality is tightly controlled, and in a very short time, as in lunch breaks or during sporting events!

You might be interested in a new, faster and more efficient way to serve customers with a broad and exiting range of delicious snacks. In that case please send us message for further details, and an appointment. We will be in Hong Kong for several weeks in October 2014 for meetings.

Briefly, what can our automatic food vending machine do for the operator? It can:
 Serve food to large numbers of customers in the shortest possible time.
 Show very clearly the actual snack so that customers can see what they are getting for their money!
 Make certain that payment is handled correctly, reducing errors and delays in bill settlement.
 Make certain that the food is served at the correct temperature.
 Save labor costs and serving time by reducing personal contact with the customer.
 Lower cost of sales by reducing labour content, misunderstandings and human errors, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.

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Investment opportunity

District South Side
Posted 7/7/2014
Contact: Tracy Holzberlein
ID: 2c74b6f6-1243-4d38-9083-12c390c8f24a

Brand new wellness product is available in Hong Kong 7-1-14 for promoting in your business or as an individual beginning their first business. The Zeal Wellness is a whole food and all natural wellness supplement. It has over 100 super foods, antioxidants and minerals the body needs. It is excellent for everyone. Invest in your future by being on the ground floor with this new product. Enroll today as an independent consultant and when the requirements are met you can enjoy an additional lifetime Founders Club commission along with weekly bonus and monthly commissions. Full website and back office and training. http://www.Letszeal.com

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