Freelance Job for creating Social Media Content

Safiya Jewels
We are looking for a female preferably with photogenic hands that are well maintained and are able to model jewelry. We would like for the candidate to be able to take 5-10 sec video footage on their phone while modeling the jewelry on their hands.

Our office is located in TST, Kowloon. The job will take a couple of hours at most. Please let us know your hourly rate.

We sell a unique kind of gemstone jewelry that changes color based on lighting. We have about 15 pieces of jewelry that we are introducing to our clientele this Christmas. We would like 5-10sec raw videos showcasing each design on your finger. These videos will be used for social media specifically instagram and facebook.
The videos can consist of the following angles:
-You can wear the ring on your finger and the video can showcase the design (a point of view shot).
-You can choose to demo the ring by tilting it around to showcase the design intricacies
-You are required to showcase the color change by shining a pen torch onto the gemstone while showcasing the design in each of the sequences.

These are some example videos that we are interested in for inspiration. (most of the video content in this account is acceptable to us)

We just need the high-res raw videos from you, our social media team will create the necessary promo videos for us using your footage.