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POSTED BY kags (12 yrs ago)
Can anyone please tell me a good place to buy reasonably priced Western size bra's that isn't Marks & Spencer?


Hen (12 yrs ago)
Depends on how much you are prepared to pay. Jilian's on Wyndham Street, sell very nice stuff. There are a lot of shops in Sogo in Causeway Bay. If you are a larger cup size and C, your choices are limited. Try online, Bravisimo.com

kags (12 yrs ago)
Hi hen,I am currently wearing a C cup but think that I am probably wearing a size too small!

OK will check out the places that you mentioned, if not will just have to stock up when I go home in the summer. I know M & S seems the obvious place but I just don't like their bras and never shop there when I am at home in the UK

Pumpkin (12 yrs ago)
Palmers opposite California Fitness in LKF (D cup), The Wacaol(sp) sub brand (don't know the name sorry) with a shop in LCX and in CWB in the mall next to the Excelsior (upto E cup), Wacaol shop in Queensway plaza (upto E cup), little bra shop down Li Yuan Street (one of the Lanes in Central). If you need bigger than an E cup there is a shop opposite Times Sq in CWB that does F cups.

pcat (12 yrs ago)
i love figleaves.com loads of choice and reasonably priced

vickola (12 yrs ago)
Hi, I am a Canadian female who's bra size is between a double ff and a g. Usually I get my bra's in Canada but am in need of finding new bras in Hong Kong. I am willing to spend money on them. Is there any place that I can purchase these sized bras at in Hong Kong?

sunwaterandsky (12 yrs ago)
If you are bigger than a C cup, I would recommend flying to another country. Many of those shops do carry larger cup sizes, but they are still padded! Why any moron would pad a cup that size I don't know! The other problem is they tend to look like your granny's bra. I only buy bras when I travel - they fit and are sexier than anything I have seen here.

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