Carrie Lam's Response? ZERO


Posted by Ed 56 days ago
Hong Kong voters turned out in record numbers in what was essentially a referendum on the often violent protests that have roiled Hong Kong for over 6 months now.
And the verdict, as of 7am this morning is: 
278 seats pro-democracy/pro-protests
42 seats pro-Beijing/anti-protests 
This result, along with the human rights bill in the U.S., adds huge amounts of coal to the fire that is fueling the boiling anger in the city...   
The ball is now in the Carrie Lam's court...   if the government continues to ignore the people of HK, I expect the protests will escalate.


Ed 56 days ago
9am: Pro-democracy has been victorious in 17 of 18 districts all of which were previously held by pro Beijing politicians. 

Ed 56 days ago
Junius Ho, who was filmed shaking hands with men who are suspected of attacking MTR passengers in Yuen Long,  was, as expected, unseated by voters.

Ed 56 days ago
“We believe these election results could lead to less violence of the protesters, who should be quite happy with this set of results, and that should bode well for Hong Kong property stocks’ share prices in the near term,” said Raymond Cheng, head of Hong Kong and China research and Hong Kong and China Property at CGS-CIMB Securities.
 It would appear that Raymond believes that now that the HK government are going to listen to the voters and agree to meet the 5 demands of the protesters and the crisis will be resolved.
Forgive me if I do not rush out and buy a flat on your analysis Raymond.....

Ed 55 days ago
Thousands of office workers took to the streets again today.
When I arrived a huge crowd of protesters and reporters had surrounded Regina Ip and the enraged protesters were screaming '5 Demands Not One Less' at her.
Police arrived shortly after and escorted her to a taxi and she escaped.
The intensity of the daily Central lunch hour protests definitely went up a notch today .... we are not far from a 'lynch mob' mentality...
Many of the protesters I spoke to suggested that if Carrie Lam has nothing new to say in her weekly address tomorrow then the violence will return.
Keep in mind... universities are closed so there are tens of thousands of students no doubt getting ready to hit the streets.

Ed 55 days ago
Police soften stance on PolyU arrests
Police say they plan to enter the Polytechnic University along with independent mediators and medics to ask those holding out to leave - but no immediate arrests will be made and it's unlikely to happen tonight.
Police had previously arrested and detained suspects on sight. The apparent softening in stance came after Sunday's landslide win for the pro-democracy camp in District Council elections. 

Ed 55 days ago
Carrie Lam's policy address   Live Stream
Possibly the most important speech in the history of Hong Kong.... 

Ed 55 days ago
Wow - that's it?   
Just about the entire city just voted overwhelming supporting the protest movement .... and this is the government's response?
Like I said.... wow. 

Ed 55 days ago
 Hong Kong Doubts China Will Soften Stance After Election Shock
If Lam clearly communicates that she is willing to listen to the people and make a political compromise after previously ruling out further concessions, it could renew protesters’ faith in the city’s political system, according to pro-democracy lawmaker Fernando Cheung.
The government has previously said it would hold further dialogue if the violence ends.

“It’s a slap in the face for the government -- a big ‘no’ to them -- but at the same time, it’s a message for the protesters, that peaceful means are powerful,” Cheung said.

 “If it’s not respected by the regime, then we’re talking about a further escalation of violence.” 
Yet again... the message is clear.   Peaceful protests and elections are not effective.... so the protesters no doubt will continue with the violence....  perhaps increasing the intensity. 

Ed 54 days ago
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, said on Tuesday that she would "seriously reflect" on the district council election results, but ruled out accepting any more demands of the protesters. 
What's the point of 'seriously reflecting' if the decision has already been made? 

Ed 51 days ago
Meanwhile ... as we continue to get no response from Carrie Lam...
The economy sinks further into the muck:
Tourist arrivals in October take sharpest plunge since Hong Kong’s anti-government protests began
  • There were 3.31 million arrivals to the city in October, a decline of 43.7 per cent from the same period last year
  • The number is also the steepest drop in a single month since the SARS virus plagued the city in May 2003 
Fiddling... as Hong Kong burns....   

Ed 51 days ago
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong stirred support for more rallies over the weekend, as police withdrew on Friday from a university campus which had seen some of the worst clashes with security forces during nearly six months of unrest.
Activists in the Chinese-ruled city used social media to announce a series of protests aimed at keeping momentum behind their movement, which has won backing from U.S. President Donald Trump. 
The peace was nice... while it lasted... 

broussymark 51 days ago
Johnny Sei-Hoe Hon works for Regina Ip. He is a member of the Heilongjiang Provincial Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). He is also a long-standing member of the New People’s Party (NPP) in Hong Kong, since it was established in 2011, and was appointed as a Vice Chairman of the party in January 2019.

New People’s Party (NPP) is a pro-Beijing political party.

He is the founder and executive chairman of Global Group International Holdings Ltd. Just wondering he is helping the members of CCP to arrange the funding in between China and the United Kingdom ?! He is a member of CCP ! UK government is in dangerous ?

Ed 49 days ago
There are big crowds of black-shirted protesters in TST...
“We allowed a pause last week simply because of the district council elections, you can see people are still dissatisfied,” he added.
“We are angry but the government has done nothing to respond to our demands.” 

Ed 48 days ago

How Hong Kong Protesters Evade Surveillance With Tech | WSJ 

Ed 48 days ago
Why Hong Kong Matters:

The formula for stealing Hong Kong’s mantle is no great mystery. Would-be rivals need to have vibrant, innovative capital markets plus the sort of quality of life that could tempt financial professionals to migrate.

 That means a decent level of English proficiency, (though Hong Kong is by no means in the first rank on that criterion); good transport and public services, particularly international schooling; and, ideally, something of the low taxes and cheap domestic help that many residents privately see as essential to feeling affluent in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

A common-law legal system like the one that underpins legal contracts in most English-speaking countries would help, too — but that will only be replicated in places that already have it, like Singapore.

The most important trump card for Hong Kong is something no other city can quite match.

China still needs it — both as its gateway to the world, and as a bolthole for wealthy mainlanders to stash their wealth.
Almost two-thirds of China’s inward and outward foreign investment passes through the territory in some fashion or other. If anything, that role could grow as China seeks to attract more foreign funds to plug what’s becoming a persistent capital account deficit.
Blocking that conduit could pose risks to the Chinese economy that would dwarf the problems of Hong Kong.

“There is this fundamental view that you can only do business with China if you tiptoe around human rights, fundamental freedoms and civil liberties,” said Anson Chan, the territory’s most senior civil servant for four years either side of the 1997 handover.

 “It’s just not true.” 
So - there is no viable alternative to Hong Kong.   
Therefore a deal needs to be done.  Because HK is very obviously Too Big Too Fail 

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