Warning for teens as vaccine deaths overtake Covid

Posted by Ed 30 days ago


AS THE number of deaths ’shortly after vaccination’ reported via Yellow Card (1,559) has now overtaken the number of fatalities ‘due to’ or ‘involving’ Covid in healthy under-65s for the whole of 2020 (1,549), it might have been prudent to slow down the jab rollout for healthy under-65s and look more closely at the risk vs rewards.

From next week 16-to-17-year-olds will be ‘eligible’ for the jab. Children and young teens don’t need the vaccine of course. Even Sage member Calum Semple admits that for children, the quantifiable risk of death is one in a million. ‘We know in wave one and wave two put together there were 12 deaths in children in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland . . . and that is rare because there are about 13 to 14 million children in the UK’.

In fact what will happen is that as the programme extends to ever younger individuals, an increasing proportion will die from the vaccine rather than from Covid.


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