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Essentially, domestic helpers in Hong Kong have limited rights - employers can terminate their employment without reason.

Our team has provided some of the most common reasons why employers terminate their helpers contracts:

Employer Bankruptcy

If an employer is unable to afford to pay the salary of his/her domestic helper, the helper may be terminated.

Employer’s Death or Departure from Hong Kong

If an employer is permanently leaving Hong Kong, the employer has the right to terminate the domestic helper’s contract. If an employer dies, the contract with the helper is voided.


If a domestic helper is caught stealing from his/her employer this is grounds for immediate termination.

Failure to Carry Out Duties/Incompetence

If a helper fails to carry out the duties assigned by his/her employer, or if the helper is unable to competently complete tasks, the employer may terminate the helper’s contract

Private Property

If a domestic helper has made use of his/her employer’s private property such as clothing, jewellery, or other personal items, without permission, the employer may terminate the domestic helper’s contract.


If a helper has misrepresented himself/herself to an employer (e.g. providing a false resume), the employer has the right to terminate the helper.

Disease and Disabling Illness

As an employer, you have the option to terminate your helper’s contract if he/she is unable to work due to a serious illness or disease.

Improper/Abusive Behaviour

If a domestic helper abuses his/her employer relationship by not carrying out required duties, or not returning home on designated hours on days off, the employer has the option to terminate employment. Also, if a helper is argumentative or screams abuse at his/her employer, the employer can terminate the helper’s contract.

Inability to Communicate

If a domestic helper is unable to communicate effectively in the language of the employer, the employer may consider terminating and replacing the helper.

If you have any questions about hiring a helper or need to hire a full time or part time helper, please visit our comprehensive Domestic Help HK site. Our team is standing by to assist!  

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Ed 11 mths ago
As per the terms of the Standard Employment Contract, employers or helpers can terminate the employment contract by providing one month's notice, or in lieu of notice, paying one month's salary. The notice of termination must be submitted to the Hong Kong Immigration Department within 7 days of notification of termination
The Hong Kong Immigration has provided a sample termination letter for employers.

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