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We have had our helper for one contract and will be renewing for another. Do they expect raises or changes to the contract? She has been OK... We pay more than minimum and she has shorter days than most.


a.m. (11 yrs ago)
beancurd I agree with you hundred and ten percent. I am a domestic helper myself not only proud but i am sure the helper will tyr to work even harder or the loyalty will deepen. I just renewed my contract last month and instead of maintaining or raising the salary there was a deduction instead, and it made me sad but I have made up my mind that i will not finish my contract after one year I will start looking for new one. They did not want me to go whae I found new very good offer and nice new employment yet they deducted a sinificant amount of my salary.

geiboyi (11 yrs ago)
You do what you think is best. You do not need to give an automatic increase, esp. if she already gets more than minimum. My helper is OK too, but I can't see me offering her a pay rise as I don't think her work merits it at the moment.

And more pay does definitely NOT mean that your helper will work harder.

a.m. (11 yrs ago)

Dora the Explorer (11 yrs ago)
a.m. have you called immigration? Surely if they are in breach of contract, you can get a new employer without giving notice and without putting any blemish on your record?

geiboyi (11 yrs ago)
Let's bear in mind that perhaps a.m. was on a higher than minimum salary on her first contract and her employer subsequently decided to go down, but is still paying at least the legal minimum. Perhaps her employer decided that because of the amount of time a.m. spends on the internet that she didn't deserve a higher salary.

Of course I am just speculating here, but an employer who renegotiates terms on a second or third contract is not breaking the law, as long as they meet the minimum requirments for FDH.

Also, a lot of helpers count their food allowance as part of their salary - if this is then replaced by provision of food (as in one case that I know personally of), the helper counts this as a pay cut (as that money presumably wasn't being spent on food at all, which was coming straight out of the fridge). This is not a pay cut.

mrsl (11 yrs ago)
geiboyi, if the contract says that she is to be paid $X, but then the employer pays $X-Y, then they are in breach of contract.

geiboyi (11 yrs ago)
Of course, but we are talking here about a renewal of contract, which in effect is a new contract. Terms, including salary, can be changed, as long as they meet the govt. minimum requirements. If this is not the case with a.m. then I suspect she would already be down at the Labour Dept lodging a complaint, but as she is merely talking about it here then I assume that her contract terms have simply been changed for this second contract.

If my employer wanted to pay me less they would need to redo my contract, and I would have a choice whether to accept the new terms or not. It's the same with a helper and a new contract.

a.m. (11 yrs ago)
For everyones information I do not get a lunch break and so when I eat this is the time I take to write and read whatever I want. Because whether they will like ti or not I am going to have my lunch. And many of the things I do I try to shoot two birds with one bullet. With regards to salary it will be conpensated with the ferry ticket they are going to give me.

a.m. (11 yrs ago)
And by the way I take a good 30minutes for my lunch or less most of the time.

geiboyi (11 yrs ago)
And no doubt you will be planning some 'revenge' for the salary cut anyway, like you were talking about in another thread...

hydrangea (11 yrs ago)
... and no doubt gossip more about her employers' private matters...

Katetam (11 yrs ago)
What I did for my helper (now on second contract)... I gave her a choice. We are very happy with her, and she was on minimum salary in the first contract with bonuses for Christmas, and Birthday, and I gave her 1 air ticket per year to go home for 2 weeks per year.

At the end of the first contract, I gave her a choice. I wanted to give her a raise, as a token of our appreciation...... I let her choose between taking one lump sum of money, or having a raise every month in the second contract. I had in mind to give her $ 150 per month more.... so in one lump sum, she can get $ 3600.00 HKD which is about 1 month bonus to the end of the first contract. She chose half and half. She took the $ 1800.00 and then the rest of the $ 1800.00, I added it to each month salary of this second contract.

We are very pleased with her still, and have decided to add a small raise every 1 year, and also give her still, 1 air ticket per year, and 2 weeks holiday to go home and see her kids.

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