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Posted by intelldudes 9 mths ago
There is a financial education company founded by a woman who claims that she is an investment professional but she is actually not a licensed person by SFC. She is targeting into women's wallets ! Some people worked / work at the biggest firms, it does not mean that they must be doing the right things !

The company offers financial coaching and other products and services for women. She provides - LIVE workshops in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, London and the Silicon Valley and 8-week program with 5 LIVE workshops in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing.

They help women gain control over their future and reach for their dreams. The founder is kinda interesting based on her business skills ! She really can be a bull speaker ! Idiots believe her !

She is running a financial education company or a non-licensed investment advisory service firm ? Is it a criminal offense ? You'd better judge !

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