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POSTED BY Katherine (11 yrs ago)
Hi - I live in a lush "jungle" type environment in Sai Kung - lots of thick bush, only 3 houses in our area and with that snakes (boar,monkeys etc) are frequent. I don't mind the snakes but sometimes I find them too close to the back door ! Last night I found a large banded krait and called the police to remove it - they came and stuck their batons under the pot plant and just watched it slither into the shed area that houses my extra fridge/dog food etc !! I need to buy a snake stick to do it myself - I don't want to kill them but just remove away from the property...I have a friend who is familiar with handling snakes etc and if I have the right kit I can do a better job than what I witnessed last night !!! Any place where I can buy one ? much appreciated..


Burgundy (11 yrs ago)

In fact, it is indeed the job of the police to attend (if anyone is in danger) - and a job that beat officers regularly complain about. See, for example:

Katherine (11 yrs ago)
Hi - thanks for all the replies..all valid and helpful - you'd have to see the layout, the surrounds of the house -although its very open in places.. the snake was too close for comfort and simply could not get away without assistance - it was most definitely a banded krait and didnt want THAT hanging around..(14 times more venomous than a cobra..) I had a good long look at it as it was still light at the time I first saw it..and double checked pics .. tks for the police story and I agree that the police have better things to do...I don't call them for every snake as up to this point they all had access to slither back to the bush..and then I don't bother - but this call was a genuine assistance call..I was on my own and on way out ..knowing that i'd have to come back to face it in the dark .. I am going to get sulphur and make enquiries for the snake catcher and get a snake stick and wear thigh high big thick wellies ...if I can find some... I think i'm all set now !! thanks again ...

winterthur (11 yrs ago)

You can contact Toni Ip. He is the president of the Hong Kong Reptile and Amphibian Society He can certainly give you a good advice how to remove the snakes from your property.

Please do not kill these animals!!!


hkkm (11 yrs ago)
I wouldn't recommend you try to remove snakes yourself. In Australia, most cases of snakebite result from people trying to catch/pick up/chase away snakes. Definitely don't try and pick up poisonous snakes!

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