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POSTED BY iwilltry (7 yrs ago)

I have heard from some people that they have gone to a doctor who massages the neck that causes migraine headaches.

I am pregnant and in my second trimester. I notice neck pain and one-sided headache getting frequent and I would like to have a massage on my neck by such doctor in hope of relieving some pain in my neck and head.

Please suggest doctors you know or have experienced yourself/heard from someone who has cured it this way. Anywhere in HK.

Thank you.


patlau (7 yrs ago)
May be you try find Dr. Benjamin Chow, he is a specialist about the neck pain. You may call 852 2521 6831. Hope it helps you.

crystal (7 yrs ago)
Think how you sleep at night. Is your pillow too high? This can cause neck pain too.

peter607 (6 yrs ago)
go to an acupuncturist. Troy Sing in central treats headaches and also is very knowledgeable about female gyn stuff so you can be assured that you will be in good hands, even though you are pregnant.

I'm an acupuncturist in the usa, so I know first hand that acupuncture is effective for this.

tadzio18 (6 yrs ago)
I girlfriend goes to Brendt at 36 Queens Road...she swears her migraines have eased at night...

skalhagen (6 yrs ago)
Dr. Ben Tay is the Doctor you need to see. He trained and practiced in the US and he is an expert on non-surgical approaches to treating back & neck pains and headaches. Dr. Tay specializes in interventional pain management in Hong Kong but he also patients in Guangzhou at the Institute for Western Surgery twice a month. This guy is a real life saver! his site is

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