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Posted by Ed 8 days ago
‘Greta shaming’ trend in Israel discourages plastic utensils with ‘dystopian’ cut-outs of teen climate activist
Photos of Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg are popping up in cafeterias across Israel in a “green” trend designed to shame diners out of using plastic cutlery. Many online saw shades of Orwell in the new fad.

Dubbed “Greta shaming,” the trend has swept workplace lunchrooms in Tel Aviv, with eco-minded workers placing photos of a disapproving Thunberg alongside disposable forks and plates, casting judgement on anyone who dares to ignore their environmental footprint.



Ed 8 days ago
The could be the beginning of something very big.   
Why stop with plastic forks... let's create a list of targets for Greta Shaming:
Airports:   does anyone really need to take that flight to Phuket for what amounts to a completely pointless weekend lying in the sun drinking Mojitos?      Let's mobilize a force to shame people entering the airport
Shopping Malls:  another pair of shoes - really?  I've got black and brown work shoes...  two pairs of running shoes...  a couple of pairs of casual shoes.   Enough!   Let's get some people into Times Square IFC etc... to confront anyone who buys stuff they don't need.   Perhaps we can force them to show us their sneakers with holes in the soles before we allow them to buy a new pair!
Ski Lifts:  I was actually thinking about how much electricity a ski lift uses in a day the last time I was on the lift in Queenstown.   I even tried to google that to find out and could not get a straight answer - so I am betting that it's a huge amount (and the hills don't want to divulge that for obvious reasons).   
Anyway think about skiing... we jump on chairs (manufactured in factories...) and are dragged up a mountain by a cable ... we gleefully wind down the mountain (on skis and boots made in factories).... round and round we go.   
Is this really necessary?   Of course it isn't.  Let's get some people out at the ski hills and Greta Shame these despicable wastrels!!!!
Feel free to post your targets for Greta Shaming...   in the meantime I will add some more capacity to our servers because this list is going to be endless.... 

bananaq 7 days ago
we can add to the list to stop building cars, private plane, private helicopters. lets all walk going to work. May i know how Greta will be travelling back to Sweden.

Ed 3 days ago
Those Amazon Returns? They’re Killing the Environment.
Sending back unwanted holiday gifts is a time-honored tradition. Now it’s becoming a crisis.
In December, American consumers will return more than 1 million packages to e-commerce retailers each day. It's a flood of unwanted stuff that’s expected to peak on Jan. 2, which UPS Inc. cheekily calls "National Returns Day.”
For UPS and other shippers, that's reason for plenty of post-holiday cheer. For everyone else, those tens of millions of packages are a real problem. By one recent estimate, they accounted for 5 billion pounds of landfilled waste in the U.S. alone and an additional 15 million tons of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.
At a time when consumers and companies are otherwise rethinking consumption choices in light of climate change, e-commerce returns amount to a hidden environmental crisis.
Of course, the “money-back guarantee” is likely as old as retail itself, and many storied brands built their reputations by honoring it. The benefits don't just accrue to consumers; a retailer that stands by its products likely sells more of them.
L.L. Bean Inc., the outdoor-goods company, offered a lifetime return policy for more than a century, and prospered because of it. Likewise, recent studies of e-commerce suggest that lenient return policies correlate with more returns and an increase in purchases.
As far back as 2010, Zappos.com, the pioneering shoe retailer, bragged that its best customers were the ones who returned the most products.

Ed 3 days ago
Record private jet flights into Davos as leaders arrive for climate talk
Experts predict up to 1,500 individual private flights in and out of airfields serving Swiss ski resort for World Economic Forum

bananaq 2 days ago
Greta is just a scam. The only person benefited from this scam is Al Gore.

Ed 10 hrs ago
Ed 77 mins ago
'How Dare You' ...  Greta on lead vocals:

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