The rise and fall of HK socialite Azura


Posted by Ed 48 days ago
Beautiful Azura Luna Mangunhardjono cut a swathe through the city with tales of her royal ancestry, vast wealth and charity work
But as the stories unravel and debts pile up, her ex-lovers and former friends are coming together to bring her to account
On October 15, 2018, 46-year-old tech expert Jason, from New York, flew to Hong Kong on a week-long business trip. He checked into a room at the Four Seasons, in Central, and when a lunch appointment was cancelled, he happily nursed an afternoon drink at the hotel’s Pool Bar.

“Then I looked up,” he recalls, “and this incredible, striking woman walked in.”

Jason remembers her warmly embracing the waiting staff, who responded with a fawning adorationreserved for regular clients.

“She was shown to the table next to me, we made eye contact, she smiled, and that was it,” Jason says.

Newly separated from his wife, he could be forgiven his enchantment: her lips were full, her flowing, lust­rous hair framing a youthful caramel face, and she wore an elegant white trouser suit tailored to accentuate her lithe body.

“After a couple of minutes, I leaned over and asked, ‘Is there anything you recommend?’And she said, ‘I’m here all the time, this is my favourite place. Are you with anyone? Come sit with me and I’ll feed you.’” 


Ed 48 days ago

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