Raptor Slams Old Ladies Head into the Concrete (Video)



Posted by Ed 10 days ago
Hong Kong Protest Update: 
Watch a Raptor riot policeman slam an old lady's head into the concrete for no apparent reason. 


Ed 9 days ago
Meanwhile, the police also defended an officer who was caught on camera shoving an elderly woman onto the ground near East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station.

She was on her knees – apparently begging for officers to stop using pepper spray to disperse a crowd – when she was pushed over.

Senior superintendent Kong Wing-cheung said the woman was obstructing his colleagues.

"They had body contact before she fell to the ground. This was an unintended result which we didn’t want to see. If people stand in front of us, trying to block our way during our dispersal operation, we have to give them a warning to leave and if they ignore our warning, we might have to take necessary action to push them away", Kong said.

He added that the woman can file a complaint if she is not happy about what happened
So basically the police can do whatever they want ---  and there will be no consequences - ever.
Hong Kong descends into darkness.....   

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