Hong Kong Tourism Plunges 40%



Posted by Ed 2 mths ago

The ongoing protests in Hong Kong, now in their 15th week, have delivered a blow to the city’s tourism industry not seen since the 2003 SARS epidemic. 

Tourist arrivals in the city declined almost 40% in August from a year earlier, Financial Secretary Paul Chan wrote in a blog post Sunday. That’s the biggest year-on-year decrease in visitor numbers since May 2003, when arrivals sank almost 70% in the midst of the disease outbreak that ultimately claimed hundreds of lives in the city, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from the Hong Kong Tourism Board.


Ed 2 mths ago
Ed 2 mths ago
Visitors in recent weeks have reported stunning scenes of emptiness at Disneyland and Ocean Park, two amusement parks that are usually swarmed by tourists and locals alike.
 Almost two-thirds of the seats at food courts and restaurants were empty during lunch time on Thursday at Disneyland, which is Asia’s most expensive theme park by ticket price. Several smaller food shops were closed.
The biggest problem is not price or marketing, but that people have lost confidence [in travelling to Hong Kong]   Yiu Si-wing, legislator and tourism executive

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